In a world of electric cars, sharknadoes, and blue and black (or white and gold) dresses, there is a place where future warfare is going to wage...Hundreds of laser troopers fighting for bragging rights.

This Summer, prepare to enter the LASER COLOSSEUM!

Enter the Colosseum and experience lasers like they never went out of style, food like it was personally delivered to you via food trucks, and bounce to the sounds of a thousand beats being dropped courtesty of our Celebrity Guest DJ.

Enter as a laser trooper or come and support your friends and family enter the Colosseum in search for glory, riches, and love...or maybe just a fun time.

$20 Spectator tickets gets you entry to the Colloseum and lets you get front row seats to the beautiful carnage of lasers, lights, and futuristic warfare $40 Laser Trooper Conscription lets you join Laser Teams as they battle for dominance in the *LASER COLOSSEUM *(ZAP ZAP ZAP). Winning teams get a fresh beverage of their choice in the Agora of Light (aka the Laser Colosseum's Private Heroe's Lounge) where you can also win fresh swag.

Sign up for our private VIP list and hear about how you can get your tickets and be the first to create your laser teams in one of the largest laser battles this side of Cybertron!